The world’s first boozefilter for smartphones


The Swedish organization IQ challenged us to address the risks of alcohol consumption in combination with smartphone usage.


In the mobile age, a headache is the least of your worries after a late night out.


We decided to force the mobile phone to work in your best interest, even when youʼre drunk. By doing so, we wanted to emphasize the hazard of drinking too much while having access to a mobile phone.


We invented the worldʼs first boozefilter for smartphones, with tricky yet entertaining tests challenging your reaction- and coordination skills. The tests were of course easy to spread and share to Facebook and Twitter.


We created a handful of game-like tests, using the iPhones built-in sensors to balance falling blocks, rolling a ball on the edge of a hole - and more. All in order to determine whether the user might be too intoxicated to safely tweet, post or text. If the user chose to disregard from this advice, the outgoing message would have "this message is NOT booze filtered!" attached to it. Another feature was a quarantine for those text messages that seemed to be a good idea to send from the bar - but could render catastrophic consequences the day after. All was built natively in Objective C with a home made plug-in framework which allowed for easy implementation of new tests.