Philips Unsnooze

— First of its kind anti snoozing game - lets people wake up with strangers


Philips asked us to create a campaign to increase sales of Philip Wake-up Light - an alarm clock that wakes you up with light instead of abrupt sound.

The Challenge

The Wake-up Light is a well-known product and the communication for such products is rarely surprising; rather stagnated.


To communicate the product as a way to wake up naturally. During the long winter, Scandinavia is a dark and depressing place to live. To survive, we snooze. Everybody has an opinion on snoozing, and we wanted to use these strong sentiments as fuel for the campaign.


Our solution was Unsnooze – the game: A mobile app allwoing the users to compete themselves out of bed. Sort of like a social alarm clock letting you wake up with a stranger whithout having to feel awkward about it. Every aspect of the communication included the Philips Wake-up Light as a better alternative to snoozing.

The Technology

Built native with Apples Xcode SDK’s, the app also uses a combination of Facebook Connect, for login and user management, together with a custom backend system, for keeping scores and game data.

Alongside the app, we built a responsive campaign site using PHP and jQuery, with link to Apple’s App Store for downloading the app. We also created a voting system using mySQL for users to show their position on weather they love or hate snoozing, and added links to Twitter and Facebook for sharing the message socially.