The Sweat Machine

— Fancy a glass of sweat?


Unicef and the world's largest soccer youth tournament, Gothia Cup, challenged us to launch a clean water campaign. They wanted us to highlight that 780 million people in the world lack access to clean water. The campaign had to engage the young tournament participants, and the important message had to spread worldwide.

The Challenge

The problem seems distant to most of us since we have clean water running from our taps, and to get attention from young football players during a tournament isn’t easy.



To get attention for this important matter, we decided to go with the ick factor.


We built the world's first sweat machine. Sweat turning to drinkable water had an element of surprise, it was fun in a gross way and it was engaging. Everyone seems to have an opinion on, or an interest in drinking sweat.



Although we invented something never seen before, we used basic PR tools every step of the way. To highlight an issue, we needed something unexpected to carry our message and to get it to spread. To gain interest for an important question, we provided a solution. We educated the whole world on water shortage, using the ick factor in a manner that everybody could relate to, but nobody expected.