Rebtel Re:Beat

Long distance has never felt closer.


Rebtel, a Swedish voice over IP company, wanted to strengthen their brand promise: ”talk more to your loved ones”, and get international brand building publicity, high lighting their long distance offer in an emotional context.


Expressing your love to someone far away is both difficult and expensive, or unromantic. If you live in London, it is expensive to send flowers or chocolate and a phone call or a text message feel a bit boring.


To invent a new, simple and cheap yet romantic way of saying I love you. We wanted our solution to be so clever it felt like the one you love and miss is just a heartbeat away from you.


We invented an app to send your heartbeat to a loved one. Using the camera on the user's smartphone, the app measured his or her heartbeat in BPM. We offered a list of cute notes to send along with the heartbeat, such as 'I'm just a heartbeat away'. We launched on Valentine's day.


In order to measure the blood flow in the finger tip we used the flashlight to illuminate the blood vessels and then measured the fluctuations within red of the visible spectrum using the camera. From this value we calculated the BPM. This value, the senders name and the message's value was sent to an API which answered with a unique string that corresponded to the heartbeat. This made us platform independent and gave us means to build a responsive web for online display and two native apps (iOS/Android) for displaying and measuring in-phone.


Long distance has never felt closer.